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Our Mission

GSE LogoThe mission of Green Seed Energy is to help the World meet its energy needs while improving the health of the planet. We will achieve this mission by developing and marketing integrated solutions for bio-energy production, which are engineered with sound environmental, energy and economic considerations, including maximizing the use of recycled and renewable resources, while reducing the carbon footprint.

The Eco-Industrial Park Model


An eco-industrial park concentrates resource management of feedstock, energy, waste and by-product generation used and re-used on site, extracting maximum environmental and economic benefit. Integrated energy and waste exchanges in a loop arrangement are the critical factors in this concept. The potential for both generation and consumption of each element must be considered carefully so that resources may be re-used and energy cascaded to secondary uses. A number of these development now operate around the world, such as the Kalundborg Eco-Industrial Park in Kalundbord, Denmark.

At Calumet Green Energy Park, organic waste from industrial food processors, restaurants and institutional kitchens, MWRD bio-solids, agricultural residues, and area invasive species will produce district heat (natural gas), CO2, soil amendments and fertilizer, and water for use in the Park and other markets.

The TAD will produce bio-methane that can be converted to pipeline quality natural gas, electricity, compressed natural gas or liquid natural natural gas. Carbon dioxide and high-grade compost or liquid
fertilizer are also produced. The water extracted is recycled and re-used in the digester.

The CO2 will be sequestered to a commercial greenhouse and urban farming complex on site. Portions of this complex will be made available to local area residents. The naturally occurring compost residue from the digester will be manufactured to a variety of specialty fertilizer grades.